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Through thousands of year’s practice, millions of Chinese people have gotten and are still getting great benefit from Chinese herbs, which are green, natural and effective. Chinese herbs are from plants such as flowers, leaves, stalks, seeds and roots. Every herb is special and each herb has healing properties, which are used for specific purposes and perform a particular function.




The practitioner prescribes a formula rather than individual herbs. Formulas are groups of herbs working together synergistically. A group of herbs is better adapted to deal with a complicated condition. The practitioner prescribes mixed herbs to treat only your condition speicifically, so it is really special and individual care. The practitioner will examine your pulse and your tongue; consult your condition to give you a holistic diagnosis before making a prescription.


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Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre in Southampton is run by herbmagic ltd. All acupuncturist practiced at Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre herbmagic Southampton were well trained in Chinese acupuncture university,had at least 5 years acupuncture , Chinese medice & wesren medicine full time education,and practiced acupuncture in Chinese hospital for many years

Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre is well located I Eastleigh town in Southampton, opposite the VUE cinema stairs and texco car park.