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What is Hot Cupping?



Hot cupping is an ancient Chinese medical therapy in which glass cups are placed on the specific energy points to promote the QI to flow smoothly in meridians (energy channels).



Is it safe to have hot cupping treatment?


The cups are left on the body whilst the area beneath is treated and the energy is moved. Mild redness might be left on the treated area. That is normal, and will disappear after a few days. It is a safe and natural therapy.



How long does it take?


About 10 minutes.




There might be dark bruise marks left on my back after the cupping therapy, should I be worried?


After cupping treatment, there is often a dark mark left on the skin. It may appear reddish, darker, or even purple. It resembles a bruise or abrasion in appearance, but it isn't exactly either of those. The marks should disappear within several days.


It shouldn't hurt, and your body's reaction is perfectly normal.



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Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre in Southampton is run by herbmagic ltd. All acupuncturist practiced at Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre herbmagic Southampton were well trained in Chinese acupuncture university,had at least 5 years acupuncture , Chinese medice & wesren medicine full time education,and practiced acupuncture in Chinese hospital for many years

Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre is well located I Eastleigh town in Southampton, opposite the VUE cinema stairs and texco car park.