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Moxibustion is an essential part of Chinese medicine which uses moxa, a soft woolly substance prepared from mugwort leaves (Artemisia vulgaris). In moxibustion the moxa is placed either directly on the skin or held just above it, over specific acupuncture points or meridians. The herb is lit and as it smoulders slowly, a therapeutic heat permeates the skin and affects the flow of "qi" (energy) and blood in the area being treated.



Our Acupuncturists/ TCM practitioners in Eastleigh will help you:


Our TCM practitioners in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre are all qualified and highly experienced.



Dr Dong (M) chief consultant acupuncturist ( Eastleigh branch Mon -Sat)


Dr Dong is a former doctor( acupuncture doctor) in China and has 20 years experience. He has been a director of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture Department in hospital in Beijing. He is a highly experienced and qualified acupuncturist. Since 2004 he has been working as acupuncture practitioner in the UK. He has worked as acupuncturist, TCM consultant, chief consultant in London, Dorset, Southampton, Eastleigh.


Dr Ma (F) TCM consultant acupuncturist (Eastleigh branch Mon .Tue)

Dr Ma got her first degree after graduated in 1996 from medical university in China and worked in hospital in Beijing for over 7 years. In 2006, she has gotten her Master Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) after 3 years full time training in Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since then she came to the UK and practiced in Dorset, Southampton as acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. She is a highly experienced acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.



Eastleigh acupuncture centre in Southampton has best offers for acupuncture treatment and other TCM treatments.



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Eastleigh, Chandler's ford , Southampton, Winchester, Romsey, Fareham, Portsmouth, Dorset.



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(opposite the Eastleigh VUE cinema and Tesco)



Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre in Southampton will help you with all kinds of problems which WHO recommends acupuncture can help.



Free consultation is provided by our practitioners at Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre.






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Eastleigh Acupuncture &Chinese Medicine Centre


96C Market Street


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SO50 5RE



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Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre in Southampton is run by herbmagic ltd. All acupuncturist practiced at Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre herbmagic Southampton were well trained in Chinese acupuncture university,had at least 5 years acupuncture , Chinese medice & wesren medicine full time education,and practiced acupuncture in Chinese hospital for many years

Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre is well located I Eastleigh town in Southampton, opposite the VUE cinema stairs and texco car park.

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