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Below is a case of depression and give up alcohol .

Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre in Southampton is run by herbmagic ltd. All acupuncturist practiced at Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre herbmagic Southampton were well trained in Chinese acupuncture university,had at least 5 years acupuncture , Chinese medice & wesren medicine full time education,and practiced acupuncture in Chinese hospital for many years

Eastleigh acupuncture &Chinese medicine centre is well located I Eastleigh town in Southampton, opposite the VUE cinema stairs and texco car park.





Eastleigh Acupuncture &Chinese Medicine Centre


96C Market Street


Eastleigh , Southampton


SO50 5RE




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Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre feedbacks



Feedbacks are very important for us. We , Herbmagic, Acupuncture Centre in Eastleigh thank all of our clients from Dorset, Southampton, Eastleigh,portsmouth,winchester... who left feedbacks for our acupuncture and chinese medicine treatment, that is a great encouragement for our work.



Feedbacks for Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre:



Chronic pain due to arthritis



Mr E from Dorset suffering from arthritis left feedback for Dr Dong working in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre.


'I came to the doctor because I had chronic pain, due to long term, arthritis and following a car accident. I found the real treatment of acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine of great benefit. I would certainly recommend Dr Dong and his professional treatment was of the up most help to me.'


Facial neuralgic pain


Mrs S, whose mum was suffering from facial neuralgic pain in Dorset, left feedback for Dr Dong working in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre


'My mum’s facial neuralgic very painful everyday. Operation could be done but no guarantee. Acupuncture seemed a good alternative, 7 sessions so far, relief done when no pain hoping to return few more acupuncture shortly, hopefully pain will go all together soon.'


Knee arthritis


Mr A suffering from Pain in knees from Dorset left feedback for Dr Dong working in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre


'A definite improvement to my knees, which now move more freely & are now pain free. Acupuncture is to be recommended!'


Pain in arm


Mrs S suffering from pain in right arm from Southampton left feedback for Dr Dong in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre


'I had been suffering from a very painful right arm for 6 months. I had been to the doctors, referred to the hospital for physiotherapy which seemed to aggravate the problem more. The pain became worse and I could hardly move my arm. It would give way and I was constantly dropping cups, glasses, I couldn’t lift a kettle without severe pain. By February I was also suffering in my neck and shoulder and I was becoming a grumpy member of the family. I went for healing, acupressure and manipulation which helped a little, but the pain came back within days. I was at my ‘wires end� and felt it was going to be something I was going to have to ‘live with!� Then my uncle told me about the doctor, Dr Dong! He had helped him and my auntie so much that they both felt like ‘new people�. He had been in pain with a damaged shoulder and his wife had been suffering from painful ankles and ‘women’s pains�. I came along to see Dr Dong, and after just one treatment the pain was greatly reduced. I have now had a course of 7 treatments and am pain free. I can move better and do all my chores again. Yesterday I went back to yoga, which I had had to give up as the moves were becoming too difficult and best of all I can make myself a cup of tea!'








Below is a case of depression and give up alcohol .


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