Traditional Chinese Medicine is not only used to treat some pain conditions as NHS recommend, but also used to treat a wide range of health conditions and has very effective treatment results:

Muscular-Skeletal& Neurological problems:


Arthritis                               Back Pain

Frozen Shoulder                Headaches / Migraines

Stiff Neck                           Sciatica

Tennis Elbow                     Rheumatism


 Dermatological problems:


Acne                                    Dermatitis

Eczema                                Hair Loss

Herpes                                 Psoriasis


 Mental/Emotional problems:


Anxiety                                 Depression

Fatigue                                 Insomnia

Panic Attack                         Stress



 Ears, Nose & Throat problems:


Earaches                          Ringing in Ears

Hay Fever                        Sore Throat

Dizziness                          Tinnitus

 Internal problems:


Asthma                            Cold and Flu

Constipation                     Diarrhoea

Heartburn                         I.B.S

High Blood Pressure        Indigestion

Migraine     M.E                Palpitation

 Genito-urinary & Reproductive problems


Irregular Period                              Infertility/ IVF assistance


Menopause                                    Impotence


Pre-Menstrual syndrome



Give up smoking  /  Alcohole         Weight loss

...  ...