Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre feedbacks


Feedbacks are very important for us. We, Herbmagic, Acupuncture Centre in Eastleigh thank all of our clients from Dorset, Southampton, Eastleigh, Portsmouth, Winchester...

These feedbacks are great encouragements for our work.


Feedbacks from our clients: 

Chronic pain due to arthritis

'I came to the doctor because I had chronic pain, due to long term, arthritis and following a car accident. I found the real treatment of acupuncture, massage and herbal medicine of great benefit. I would certainly recommend Dr Dong and his professional treatment was of the up most help to me.'  (Mr E from Dorset suffering from arthritis left feedback for Dr Dong working in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre. )

Facial neuralgic pain   

Mrs S, whose mum was suffering from facial neuralgic pain in Dorset, left feedback for Dr Dong working in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre

'My mum’s facial neuralgic very painful everyday. Operation could be done but no guarantee. Acupuncture seemed a good alternative, 7 sessions so far, relief done when no pain hoping to return few more acupuncture shortly, hopefully pain will go all together soon.'

Knee arthritis

Mr A suffering from Pain in knees from Dorset left feedback for Dr Dong working in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre

'A definite improvement to my knees, which now move more freely & are now pain free. Acupuncture is to be recommended!'

Pain in  arm

Mrs S suffering from pain in right arm from Southampton left feedback for Dr Dong in Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre

 'I had been suffering from a very painful right arm for 6 months. I had been to the doctors, referred to the hospital for physiotherapy which seemed to aggravate the problem more. The pain became worse and I could hardly move my arm. ......I came along to see Dr Dong, and after just one treatment the pain was greatly reduced. I have now had a course of 7 treatments and am pain free. I can move better and do all my chores again. Yesterday I went back to yoga, which I had had to give up as the moves were becoming too difficult and best of all I can make myself a cup of tea!'

 to be continued


Shoulder injury


'I came to the clinic with a very bad shoulder injury. And after one treatment I found immediate relief, and after two courses of treatment have 99% success. And can lift my arm without pain.'  (Mrs B suffering from frozen shoulder )




1, 'Words cannot begin to convey the changes to my life after my treatment. I suffered with IBS for 5 years and had become a virtual recluse. I could not go out, plan holidays, eat out etc. IBS ruled my life. I had seen countless doctors who had all told me nothing could be done. I had tried many treatments and nothing worked. I enquired at acupuncture centre about acupuncture out of desperation and I am so glad I did. After 6 months or treatment I have my life back. I have travelled aboard and now have an active social life with no problems. Thank you so much.' (Mr S suffering from IBS for years )



2, 'For the past 35 years I have been told by GPs that I have IBS. Many stomach cramps, gas, diarrhoea followed by constipation etc---it has been horrible. ‘eat more fibre’ ‘cut out dairy food’—all advice from GP but no real help. 5 years ago I started to have ‘allergies’ and ‘intolerances’ and was going to the gym 3 times per week(9 hours)---suddenly I was falling asleep eating my dinner, writing at my desk and couldn’t walk upstairs---no energy etc. GP tested for lupus, ME and did blood tests---showed slight fatty tissue in top corner of liver but nothing was done for me. I decided to research and found all these symptoms could be. NAFLD(Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease)--- so I told my GP and on my request they got me an appointment with a professor who was ‘liver’ expert. All the registrars told me to lose weight—never looked past the fact that I didn’t eat and couldn’t lose weight.---I was ‘obese’. They didn’t want to know. 

Life carried on with IBS etc and my fatty liver(was confirmed as NAFLE!) my quality of life was poor---always tired, overweight, poor diet, pains, no energy---really poor---until one day I went to bathroom and noticed blood on wiping, went to GP---examination and hesitated whether they would send for screening or not because I was so. I said let me go to it and a poly p was found! Biopsy showed no cancer but was in awkward place but decision was to remove with colonoscopy trials. A doctor noticed a dent around the area during colonoscopy and decided that he had seen this before once in his life---he told me they would have to operate to remove the poly p. He was right---I had operation and tumour was on other side---it had gone through the wall of the bowel and cancer formed the other side and did not show on ‘scope’. My poly p was 6cm and was about 4 years old---around the time I became ill--- just IBS!---no I had bowel cancer and had 1 year to live if I hadn’t gone for op when I did. I was very lucky--- all clear after precaution chemo etc BUT I still have IBS!! I have soft stools, stomach pains, excessive wind, always in the toilet—evenings are horrendous. Now I have ? after chemo—reaching bad to medication so most of my life--- all of my life--- is about my stomach!! I have ‘allergies’, ‘intolerances’---can’t eat wheat, oat,... ,..., can’t eat this, can’t take that. It’s an absolute nightmare and my life is all about surviving around my stomach!! I came to acupuncture to see if it could help at all---wow the best thing I ever did! After first treatment I was relaxed, calm, my stomach was at peace and I wasn’t visiting the toilet---only one movement in one day and no returning continuously!! It was amazing and I have only just started an intensive month of treatments---in 3 months I should be a miracle at this rate---or rather my Chinese practitioner will be a miracle worker!!!' 

--Mr G from Southampton suffering from IBS, amazed after the treatments



Back pain, give up smoking


'It was just fantastic!!! I am having a problem with my back. Plus I am giving up my smoking! From 15 cigarettes a day I came down to 5!!! After first treatment! I have felt like my R side in red color and L side in white (when I had acupuncture ) on the beginning, and on the end I feel like all my body has changed color to pink!!! It was great. Today I have an other treatment and …an other color feeling good. Today, I was in a river water ……was going down my head and …sort out my problems! Thank you very much. See you soon! '     --Mrs S




'I have found the acupuncture very helpful with stopping smoking and sleeping. I am more relaxed with less depression. I used to smoke 40 a day and after treatment reduced to 10 or less a day. I am here for my second treatment and have not had a cigarette for 2 days. Recommended to all. And cheaper than smoking for a week.


I have been suffering from bad indigestion for 3 years, taking prescription medication which at first worked, then not so well. I tried various different tablets, with variable results. I was eventually referred to a specialist who thought that I would probably have to have an operation to correct problems on my crsophdqus . Before this I would have to stop all my medication, while I waited for the appointment at the hospital I decided to my Chinese medicine to see if that would help, as I had heard from a friend that she had had success in the same area.


I have had a course of tablets and acupuncture over the last two months and have completely come off the prescription medication. To my surprise I have had no symptoms of my previous problem. My last visit to the hospital was a couple of days ago and the specialist was most surprised at how much I had improved. He said he could not explain why my condition had got so much better. When I explained he said he would like to know more about the treatment I had had as it was now not necessary to perform any operation as it looked as though I was healing up naturally. It looks like I am going to make a full recovery. Thank you!'  ---Mrs S 


Stress, Anxiety, Depression


'I have been suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Unable to sleep, drinking too much alcohol.


Since having acupuncture and taking a herbal remedy my anxiety has ceased. I sleep extremely well and able to work without feeling stressed. I feel good and have started doing things I used to do. I have stopped using alcohol.


I intend to use acupuncture again to remedy any ailments.


Thank you


From a sceptical client'  -----Mr x suffering from stress, anxiety and depression 




'For the past 23 yrs after having a disc removed I have been unable to walk only short distances due to severe phantom pain on my right foot due to sciatica. I had a chat with Dr Dong and very sceptically tried an acupuncture course with little faith in any result. From the first treatment there have been great improvements and I can now walk quite some distance free of pain. It is a new life experience after such a long period of permanent pain. I would recommend all disbelievers such as myself who have no faith to give it a try.'  ----Mr G


Stomach ulcer, Tennis elbow


'Acupuncture helped a lot with stomach ulcer pains along with the herbs. I also had tennis elbow pain and it helped me relief the pain too.'

 ----Mr M suffering from stomach ulcer pains & tennis elbow pain



Carpal tunnel, Plantar fascia's


'I was suffering from carpal tunnel and had been to the doctor who said I would need an operation to relieve the tension in the wrist. I got up in the morning with very bad cramp in my tight hand so that I couldn’t lift a knife to make sandwiches etc. I was also waking in the night with bad cramp and a dead arm feeling. After treatment here (herbmagic Eastleigh Acupuncture Centre) the problem was totally alleviated by first acupuncture. The doctor treated me very well and at the same time treated me for plantar fascia’s in both my feet. My arm feels great and I do not get cramps.

 Thank you!'

----Mr B suffering from carpal tunnel and plantar fascia’s


Neck arthritis


'I suffered a pain in my left side of my neck at college. The pain was terrible I felt sick, I came for a treatment, I felt instant release relaxed & sleepy. Amazing! Thank you very much!'

----Mr J from Southampton suffering from neck arthritis





'I have had M.E for 11 years in which time I have tried every alternative treatment and spent literally thousands of pounds trying to improve enough to get my life back to being able to do what most people do, live normally.


At the start of my illness it was difficult to walk and I spent every afternoon in bed. I gradually improved but still needed to go to bed most afternoons before I felt well enough to prepare dinner. My life was dominated by only doing so much and no more as I would feel so ill if I overdid things.


I had one treatment of acupuncture with a neck massage and some Chinese remedies at Herbmagic. The following week I was too ill to attend my appointment and when I phoned to cancel and spoke to the therapist, he advised me to try to get there and he would help me to get better. I asked my friend to drive me and drop me outside so I didn’t have to walk. I was in a lot pain, the journey was agony and it felt like I had all the symptoms of flu.


After half an hour of needles and neck massage, I walked out feeling so well I was able to go around the shops. I couldn’t believe the difference in how I felt. For the following three weeks I was able to redecorate a large room, starting early each morning and often working until bedtime. Not once did I feel the need to go to bed or have the terrible foggy head and nausea associated with M.E. For the first time in 11 years, I actually felt as most people must feel, able to work all day and evening and weekends without stopping. Even before my illness I was unable to keep up the pace I have been putting myself through recently. I am about to start redecorating another room, I cannot quite believe the change in me virtually overnight.'

---Mr L suffering from M.E, came back normal life after the treatments


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